Run for her freedom, anytime and anywhere.



The Aruna Project is an international human rights non-profit dedicated to freeing, empowering, and employing sexually enslaved women in India. When you participate in the Aruna Virtual Run, you run or walk to help bring freedom to an enslaved woman by name. You will then receive updates on her journey to freedom throughout the year. The race giveaway items you'll receive -- an athletic drawstring backpack and headband or sweat towel -- are all hand-made by our Artisans, freed and employed in our Freedom Business thanks to funds raised in previous Aruna Runs.

One-hundred percent of participant registration fees and donations go to free, empower, and employ sexually enslaved women.

How the Virtual Run Works


Register and run or walk virtually by November 1st, 2020

You can run or walk your 5k anywhere! Be it roads, tracks, treadmills, or around your house. We don't require any specific route, so find the safest area to run and go for it!


Submit Your Results

Submit your results to our results section or post a screenshot from your run tracking device to our community page. Results are optional, so don't feel as though you need to post results.

Share Your Virtual Photos

Join others in building awareness about the cause by submitting your virtual run photos and results to our Aruna Run Virtual Community Page.

Every virtual run participant will receive by mail a 2020 Aruna athletic drawstring backpack and choice between an Aruna Run exclusive Reshma headband or sweat towel, all hand-made by Aruna Artisans who were freed and employed in our Freedom Business thanks to funds raised in previous Aruna Runs. 


What you receive in the mail...

  • Aruna athletic drawstring backpack
  • The choice between an Aruna Run exclusive Reshma headband or sweat towel.

* T-shirt is an optional upgrade.

Run or Walk for Shehnaz

Shehaz is currently enslaved in the brothels -- we know her and are actively working to bring her freedom. Download this race bib, pin it on your shirt, and you can literally run or walk to help bring and sustain her freedom through employment with Aruna.

Complete Optional Virtual Run Challenges to Win Free Aruna Gear & Gift Cards.

All registered virtual runners are eligible to enter and win each of the challenges below.


The July 4 Challenge

Prize: Shree Crossbody (in black) and a $25 Aruna gift card. Learn more.

When: Challenge Expired


The Hometown Challenge

When: July 8 - July 21

Prize: Bharti Backpack (Black) + $25 Aruna Giftcard. Learn more.



When: July 30th

Prize: $50 Aruna gift card. Learn more.


The Family Challenge

When: July 22 - August 4

Prize: Sonu Backpack (Black) + $25 gift card. Learn more.


The Landmark Challenge

When: August 5 - August 18

Prize: Aruna Duffel (black) + $25 gift card. Learn more.


The 10 Mile Challenge

When: August 19 - September 2

Prize: Reshma Headband Medley (4 total) + $25 gift card. Learn more.


5K or 3-Day 5K Challenge

When: September 5 - 7 (Labor Day Weekend)

Prizes: The Winner of the 5k challenge will receive their choice of one Aruna bag and $25 Aruna gift card. The winner of the 3-day 5k challenge will receive their choice of two Aruna bags and a $50 Aruna. Learn more.

A Thank You Message from our Artisans

Virtual Run Community

Post your virtual run photos here and encourage the community to join!


Given our current climate, we ask that you follow some simple guidelines to protect yourself and those around you while you run virtually.

Check-in with yourself before you go. Are you feeling healthy, breathing normal, and in shape to run? Check-in with yourself before you go out on your run and make sure you’re feeling up to the task. You can always rest and come back to run once you feel better. Don’t push it if you’re not ready.

Proper Hydration. Plan to make sure you have ample hydration and nutrition for the entire duration of your run.

Run Alone, or limit yourself to one healthy running buddy. Running alone will reduce your exposure to other people and in turn, will reduce your chances of contracting an illness.

Identification. Bring your identification or road id in case of an emergency.

Listen. Wear one earbud out so you can use your hearing to help you avoid collisions or accidents.

Wear Bright Clothing. Wear bright clothing so pedestrians and vehicle traffic can identify you.

Be Aware. The roads are not closed for your virtual run, so be aware of your surroundings. Obey traffic laws and always look both ways before you cross streets and crosswalks.

Run virtually for a great cause.